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    Will Ferrell talks to Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen about his latest movie, which happens to be his first Spanish-speaking film.

    "Casa de mi Padre" is the big-screen version of a shoddy telenovela, with a cast led by Diego Luna. Ferrell plays a sincere doofus whose father is a rich landowner, his brother a drug lord. "I had to work tirelessly with a translator to help enhance my three years of high school Spanish," he said.

    Ferrell says he was excited to take on an unconventional project that would surprise the audience. “We saw this wonderful opportunity to make an anti-movie movie, in a way,” he explained. “And at the same time be a little satirical of perceptions that the US has of Mexico and vice versa. We said, ‘This is going to be a grab bag of all these things — no one seems to be watching, so let’s just shoot it.’” More.

    (Image: Will Ferrell in “Casa de mi Padre” (John Estes))

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