1. Nigerian-German singer and songwriter Nneka performs “My Home” (from her album “Soul is Heavy”) live on Studio 360.

    Nneka’s music is a mixture of Afrobeat, hip-hop, R&B, and folk.

    “My Home” is about “the plight of Africa,” Nneka explained on Studio 360, “because of our selfish behavior, the selfishness of our corrupt political leaders, the selfishness of Western countries that come and exploit Africa.” But she believes “Nigerians are also beginning to take responsibility for themselves.” Nneka feels that the Occupy Nigera movement is a milestone, bringing together ordinary people from different tribes to talk about the country’s problems. “People are frustrated by keeping silent. We do not want to live that way anymore. And you can see that agitation in the eyes and the actions of the people.” More.

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