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    Attorney, businessman, technology expert and 2006 winner of “Survivor,” Yul Kwon talks about hosting the new four-part PBS series, “America Revealed.”

    The series looks at every day items — a stop light, a slice of pizza, or the hot air coming out of your hair dryer — and delves into the “what” and “who” behind them. The show doesn’t just unveil the secrets of how stuff is made; it also tells a story of America’s history and people.

    Employing maps, data visualizations and a number of other tools, the show uses groundbreaking imagery to tell the stories.

    "What we’re trying to do is give the viewers a sense of the big picture," Yul says. "I don’t think a show like this would have been possible, even just a few years ago, because a lot of the technology didn’t exist for us to visualize a lot of this data."


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